Diamond dust glitter refers to a fine, sparkly, translucent glass material used for decorative purposes where a glittering effect is desirable. Unlike traditional glitter, made from plastic or metal particles, Deemonte Design’s glitter is made from crushed glass, miming the luxurious appearance of tiny sparkling diamonds or crystals.

It describes the fine, shimmering particles that resemble the way frost or ice crystals glisten in the sunlight. When used in various products, diamond dust glitter can create a dazzling and elegant effect, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to the finished piece.

Traditional plastic glitter is known for its adverse effects on the environment, whereas diamond dust glitter is much more environmentally friendly. Crushed glass comes from recycled glass containers, such as bottles and jars. Recycling glass into crushed glass products helps reduce the demand for new raw materials and conserves energy.

‘Diamond-like sparkle’

It’s important to note that the term “diamond dust” is used metaphorically to describe the petite size of the particles and their ability to create a sparkling appearance similar to that of genuine diamonds. Although the name implies a resemblance to natural diamonds, the glitter material is not composed of simple diamond particles. Instead, it’s a creative and artistic representation of the sparkling beauty associated with diamonds.

Diamond Dust Glitter Canvases

Diamond Dust Glitter Canvases are popular in contemporary and mixed media art, and designs come in various styles. They are often used to add a touch of glitz and glamour to interior décor.

At Deemonte Designs, we incorporate diamond dust glitter into our canvas designs to add sparkle, texture, and a unique visual effect. The dust can be applied to the entire canvas surface or used to highlight specific areas of the image, such as a wedding dress.

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Treat yourself to a bespoke, personalised canvas from Deemonte Designs and become fascinated with the beautiful effects of diamond dust!

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